The World is a Global Village

Marshall McLuhan who wrote the book “The Gutenberg Galaxy” popularized the term “The World is a Global Village”.

He said that the globe had been contracted into a village by electric technology. You are always involved in other people´s live and business no matter where and what time.

McLuhan meant that the Global Village, on the one hand as small as a little town and on the other hand as wide as a planet, would replace the “Gutenberg Galaxy”. But he warned of the possibility of misuse, if the dangers arising from the new media were not adequately responded.

Long time ago McLuhan predicted this message which I think is still up to date:

Certainly, many benefits are brought by Internet and World Wide Web:

  • Everyone has access to the same plenty of information.
  • You have the possibility to keep contact with people all over the world.
  • Getting information about the Internet is easier & faster than searching in a book for a long time.

But there is also a drawback of the electric age:

  • Our private identity is threatened by an anonymous lifestyle.
  • We are more and more monitored by the state.
  • Differences between poor and rich countries are growing.
  • National characteristics and responsibilities will disappear.

If we don´t pay attention to the danger of the new media development, we will forget how to deal with each other in the real world. That´s why we have to train our soft skills, take care for our feelings and save our freedom of independent decision.

At last, it is left to each individual to speak out for or against the „Global Village,“ but it is hardly possible in our technological society to escape its influences.

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